International Hotel & Business Center, Dongsheng, Inner Mongolia

Business Center Dongsheng bird's view North
Business Center Dongsheng bird’s view


Project description, images, and drawings

Design: Guenter Eger, archetmedia Guangzhou
Architects: 中国广东省, Pan-China Construction Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong branch, Guangzhou
Location: Dongsheng, Inner Mongolia, P. R. China
Client: 君安集团君安大厦建 Junan Building & Construction Group
Project Area: gross floor area 60,000 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Renderings: Guenter Eger, archetmedia Guangzhou


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The Junan building site is located South of the old city center of Dongsheng, a district of Ordos city. It is placed next to the inter-city route to the new district of Kangbashi, which was founded in 2003.
The area is important for the future development of the Ordos region. The total construction area of 60,000.00 sq m will include 2 office buildings, shopping mall, catering services, hotel, entertainment facilities and a small public park.

Principle Concept

The city of ordos is a fast growing city with a lot of modern buildings. But there is a lack of architectural identification for the city. A source to realize such a symbol can be found in the rich cultural heritage of the mongolian people. The traditional way of living in this area is the tent. Already many architects used this archetype before to design new buildings in the region of Ordos.

I felt, there is an even better source for a symbol. The very unique nature around ordos: The ordos plateau!
Plain grasland with groups of trees and valleys: The building uses this elements to form a connecting passage (like an old Chinese footpath) between the two districts Dongsheng and Kangbashi.
Like fingers of a hand, the building in the West bridges its green roof into the public park. Thus it is possible to walk easily to the roof and enjoy the extended grassland, which is protected by the office buildings, which are shaped like rocks in the landscape.

Thus the building itself looks like a composition of the rough landscape, it is surrounded.