1992 Simultaneous Disc

Simultaneous Disc Title
Simultaneous Disc Title

An art project from 1992 (Munich, Germany) with an video update from 1997 (Berlin, Germany), republished 2015 (Guangzhou, P. R. China).

Format: DVD PAL (720 x 576 pixels, 25 fps)

Length: 3:15 min



Orphism, declined from Orpheus, means mysterious, poetic, hideous. A name Robert Delauney used for his kinetic art.
This movie shows the glimmering uneasiness of circular movements, gliding colors in a undefined space. Simultaneous representations of rhythm of color, which seems to be dynamically moved by the varying of reversed and non-reversed color contrasts. The movement or kinetic structure in this picture is only an imagination by the onlooker. An imitation of the dynamic rhythm of nature.

Several Movements – A Different Point Of View

The line is the trace of the moving point, consequently its product. The complete static stillness of the point changes into the dynamics of the line. The contrast of point and line is the movement and intensity of the line. Contrary to the point, the line is also able to create a square dimension. If you concentrate lines in one single point, a circle starts to grow out of this center, while adding more lines.
The colors produce a pulsating intensity within the circle. Warm colors move forward, cold colors move behind. Vassily Kandinsky said:  The horizontal line is the closest form to the cold infinite movement. – the vertical line is the closest form to the warm infinite movement.

The completed circle shows the moving energy of the hand transformed to a pulsating circle on the sheet. The analogue of this photograph is the real painting. The two sheets start to interact in a virtual space between copy and reality. The same circle moves between the time of its creation. –  the fourth of April in 1992. –  a rainy Sunday in Munich Germany.  – and the time of its physical and copied appearance. – in your computer somewhere in the world. Copies make time reversible. As you can see, there are different kinds of movement.
This work shows the possibility to create movement with static objects.
It is not a copy of a kinetic object, it is a kinetic object!


female voice: Apple MacOS 7 MacInTalk 3 Kathy

male voice: Apple MacOS 7 MacInTalk 3 Fred


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